Special perils in insurance

Special Perils

Special perils in insurance includes risks such as fire and other natural disasters. Since the beginning of the year, the world has experienced one natural disaster after another, apart from the COVID- 19 pandemic. To appreciate the value of an insurance policy, we have put together a list of special perils that a property insurance…

Image showing common insurance words

Common Insurance Words

A layman can find common insurance words confusing. Moreover, not knowing the meaning of these terms may not be helpful to potential clients. Whilst an insurance firm and an insurance broker know these words, a client may not be as aware. However, knowing common insurance words and their definition help to keep customers informed. Accident…

TRM Head visits City 105.1FM

TRM Head At City 105.1FM

  TRM Head at City 105.1FM. He was at their Ikeja station on Tuesday, 8th December 2020 and Wednesday, 9th December 2020. The general purpose of his visit was to shed more light on insurance. On Tuesday, he featured on the morning show, ‘Your business, my business’, hosted by Onyema Chiwete and Bybisasa. He concisely…

LASG Appoints TRM as Insurance Broker

LASG Appoints TRM

LASG appoints TRM as one of its Insurance brokers. In other words, TRM will provide expert insurance brokerage services for certain LASG agencies. The Trusted Risk Managers are a part of Sky Capital Limited. Services offered by the insurance brokerage company include services relating to insurance, pensions and actuarial valuation. The company has distinguished itself in its market knowledge…